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The world is different now. The way we consume news and opinion is different.


Teenagers discuss the latest through word-of-mouth and social media, but things can get warped.


We had to fix this. 


Founded in 2022, The Vach is fully powered by teens. We understand the world online: how culture links with political affairs, and how memes work with finance & business.


We keep it concise, and easy to read for everyone. We amplify the voices of teens – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race.

What we investigate, including conclusions, are guided by our journalists. The Vach is seen in over 100 countries and in all of the U.S.A.'s 50 states. For press inquiries, including story pitches and contributor inquiries, email here

Our Team

We're a teen-focused publishing group, but we don't discriminate against contributors of any social identity.

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